Asset Management

Continental Trust Bank Limited Asset Management

Continental Trust Bank Limited Asset Management is an active asset manager with a global presence. Our entrepreneurial freedom is assured by our shareholder structure. Continental Trust Bank Limited Asset Management employs over 400 people worldwide – including 120 investment specialists – based in over a dozen international locations.

Sustained Track Record

Our track record has seen us consistently ranked among the top active Swiss asset managers for institutional and private clients over the past decades. Our strategy is focused on performance. Our small and specialised teams of portfolio managers enable us to respond flexibly and quickly to market developments. Our objective is to create added value for our clients through a focused offering in the areas of equities, bonds, multi-asset-class investing and alternative investments. Being committed to an active investment style means investing on the basis of our convictions. We do not therefore rely on market opinion or benchmark indices. The numerous awards we have received from leading international rating agencies testify to the success of our approach and the quality of our services.

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